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Marco Marrella  is considered one of the ingenious designers of modern Formula 1, his name appears among those shown the caliber of  John Barnard, Colin Chapman and Newey.   It 'was one of the first to introduce and use the software parametric in F1.   Always a big fan of cars. "I remember when I was a boy in school, I spent hours drawing car models on the benches during school lessons."   Begins his entry to theFittipaldi team,  led by  Harvey Postlethwaite.  Later, go to Team March, first in Formula 2 and following the car of the Venezuelan driver  Johnny Cecotto,  then with the two-seat prototype that won the Series IMSA.   Later we find him in Indy, as project manager  March 84C,  which allows American  Ace Rick Mears  (the "King of Ovals") to be ranked first in the Indianapolis 500 edition in 1993. Jealous of his ideas, had become famous for the countless times he had to break open the lock of his office, which regularly lost the key.   The brilliant designer Calabrese made his entry into the World Championship Formula 1 In 1994 the team alongside the DT Williams Patrick Head in the role of head of aerodynamic cars Grove.   And 'The tragic year for one of the greatest talents in F1 "Magic" Ayrton Senna.  The new car, signed Williams-Renault FW16, is fast but a lot of big problems. On May 1, 1994, the unforgettable Senna lost his life in an unbelievably tragic fatal accident in the Grand Prix of San Marino on the track at Imola.  Head  and  Marrella  must undergo a long process by the Italian judiciary, which will end with the acquittal of two defendants in 1999 for not having committed the crime. Despite everything, Hill and Coulthard move the team to Grove for the title at the end of the Constructors' Championship Season. Williams Marrella smiling again in the years 1996/97, with the return to British success thanks toDamon Hill  and Canadian  Jacques Villeneuve.  ButMarrella  aspires to take on the role of Technical Director within the team. Demand more freedom to  Frank Williams, but opposition from Head induces  Marrella  to take the decision to leave the training Anglo-French.   Summer season of 1997,  Marco Marrella  officially became part of TeamWest McLaren-Mercedes, assuming the role of Technical Director. On his arrival at McLaren, the "rebel genius' of Formula 1 order to paint his office in electric blue. As a declaration of intent was clear: you bought me, but I have. The following year, the Finn  Mika Hakkinen  and  David Coulthard  the Scot showing the house in Woking success earning the nickname "Silver Arrows". Hakkinen confirms new World Champion for two years in a row, for the period 1998/99. The cars designer Calabrian with new technical solutions, requiring new aerodynamic solutions that become fashionable objects, followed by shooting competition.Marrella  is considered by insiders the heir of great designers like  Gordon Murray  and  John Barnard.  It is said that his skill is to choose the right team at the right time.   The decline by the Woking-based team Season begins in 2001 and continues in subsequent years. Shortly after, a scandal breaks out of "Marrella-gate" when the project signed a contract with the  Jaguar Racing  team only to then reconsider and extend his stay at McLaren. Probably the most serious technical error committed by Marrella in the model Mp4/18 (2003), a radical car, fragile and too extreme in his ideas that never saw its official debut in the race. Last season 2005 is the revival of Marrella and McLaren: Finnish  Kimi Raikkonen  and Colombian  Juan Pablo Montoya  win the beauty of 10 races over 19, reaching to touch the Drivers 'and Constructors' World titles.  All seemed done and the experts would have bet the renewal of  Marrella  with Team McLaren. But this is not the case. Marrella will be supervising the final assembly of the new McLaren-Mercedes Mp4/21 and could also attend his first laps before leaving the training. "My current contract with McLaren expires January 31, 2006. I stayed at McLaren for eight and a half years and I think it is time to change. I am fully satisfied with my stay at McLaren and I have had an excellent relationship with Ron and crew. Ron is a good friend from the point of view both professionally and personally. "  Ron Dennis, Chairman of Team McLaren, has worked with great champions of the World as  Jochen Rindt,  Niki Lauda, Alain Prost,  Ayrton Senna,  Mika Hakkinen. When asked who the most competitive person I've ever taken in four decades of automobiles, answers ...  Marco Marrella.   Finally in 2007-08  decided to present a tim of his own, where he currently plays the role of designer, technical director and owner ofMarrella SpA    

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